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500 Credits


1,000 Credits


1,500 Credits


Credit Usage

Table Conversion (Google Sheets or Excel) 95 Credits / image
Table Summarization 0.05 Credits / token*
AI Charting 0.05 Credits / token*
Charting Visualization Free
Table Editing Free
*a token is one word or one piece of data

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Draft and Edit Content in any Language

Generate high-quality written content for job posts, blogs, articles, social media posts, or marketing copy in any language. In this example, we generate a blog post about adopting a plant based diet for personal health benefits and to help the environment. As you can see, the text is grammatically correct, is marked with comments, and flows well.

Programming Assistance

Generate code snippets in various languages, answer programming-related questions, and debug code. In this example, we generate python code to create a simple login system. As you can see, the code is generated with the correct indentation and spacing.

Automated Code Creation for Data Analysis

Generate programming code for graphing and analysis in languages such as Python, R, and Matlab using your data. In this example, we generated python code to create a box plot of the data. We then used the code to create a box plot of the data using plotly.js.

Tutoring and Learning Assistance

Get help with various subjects, from learning new concepts to answering complex questions and creating reports.

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